Day 1: Reduce stress by accepting it


If you are in the boxing ring, the best way to reduce the impact of a punch is not to resist but by leaning back and accepting it. If you are working for a bank (aka EMIs) rather than for yourself or a a great cause there are fair chances that you will encounter stress.

Some common causes of stress are being micromanaged, inability to take a decision, take more than what can be done, not empowered to say no to unrealistic expectations, take up the responsibility to make someone else happy. Because of stress you may end up micro managing, give heavy loaded suggestions, question every decision made by others, get angry on people easily.

As you can see it is a vicious circle. One person’s inability to accept stress might end up making entire organization stressful.

The easiest way to reduce stress is if you find yourself doing these things, be mindful of it. Take a break!!!