As a young soul I was always fascinated by stories, stories of Rama and Arjuna, stories of freedom fighters and stories of superheroes (guess we all have been fans of larger than life heroes). It was always fascinating to hear about the superpowers that these heroes possessed, how they were able to overcome the odds and how they had a personal story — a wonderful journeys of their own ups and downs. As a kid it was almost as if I wanted to live their lives, always felt connected to their emotions.

As I grew up, to my surprise, I…

I moved around my apps on my phone, reorganized them into a different folder structure. This restructuring led to app icons / folders moving from left corner of my phone to the right hand side and shifted up by a row. Next time, I looked for the app but couldn’t locate it, took me a few seconds before i could actually find the app that had shifted by few pixels on a very small screen. I asked myself what does this mean ?

My brain predicted that as per the order of pattern for last so many days the icon…

Originally posted on about people, places, things and EXPERIENCES:

This isn’t a post about your passion, following your dreams or what have you. I think there is better material available out there. These are few lines about my observation in our industry — IT industry as you know it. …

Why do we need creative technologist? Here is a nice read on how creative contextual application of technology can have profound impact on our society.

So, while you may hear a lot about this role / profile esp. in agency context –

what really makes a creative technologist?

Creative technologist has to solve for specific problems — commerce, marketing, service, product — a need, a behavioral change or what have you. So a creative technologist would need to really operate in the context of an overall solution.

It is important to operate from the position of an expert —…

Ravi Pal

IOT & Data enthusiast | experience technologist | reimagining technology applications | hands on leader | disruptor (opinion and views are strictly personal)

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