What to Look while hiring an Offshore web development firm for your Startup

You have a great product idea, you have completed the market research, have received a great feedback from potential customers.

Now what you are stuck is hiring a tech team. You are in a confusion whether to hire in-house team or outsource the tech team.

I am gonna assume that you decided to go for outsourcing the tech team, because of obvious reasons i.e, cost-effective, leveraging their expertise.

Yeah I know you are searching for a checklist which you can check before hiring any offshore development firm for startup, I will not make you wait long, here you go with the checklist.

  1. Portfolio: The best way to analyse an offshore development company is by checking their existing clients. By learning their portfolio you will understand what type of clients do they work with. Do you fit in for your requirements, do they work with enterprise level applications or just building an MVP.
    With this, you will have a clear pitcher of their expertise, their way of working.
  2. Open source contribution: Yeah I am speaking about blogs, gems, basically it shows how much they have contributed to the brotherhood. If they have contributed to open source, it adds an advantage of being an expert and thought leaders. It makes clear they really know what they do.
  3. Support: This is the most important factor to look while hiring any ruby on rails firm, because if your product goes down you want your developers immediately. So make sure they are available on skype, phone, email.
  4. How good is their own site?
  5. Are they user experience savvy? Every product needs to have a great user experience to attract users. So probably you should make sure they don’t just build a product instead they care about user experience as well.

I guess these are some of the key factors to look while hiring an offshore development company.

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