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Before going into an article let me first share how it get started.

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slack channel: AoG Dev Community

Yes, that is how it started. Priyam posted a suggestion and we all agreed on it. Idea was to learn something together, help the community also to learn and find a path on how to get started with Actions on Google(AoG).

We had a long discussion on what we are going to do and how are we going to do. …

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So it’s been 2 years I am exploring things on React Native. I am pretty much impressed by this framework as it is much faster and reliable compared to other cross-platform frameworks like Cordova, Xamarin, Ionic, etc.

Recently I got a chance to work on a large scale project where we have to change the status bar theme based on current screen header. As we know React Native supports 2 types of theme for StatusBar.

We have a StatusBar component using which we can set a theme for iOS and Android.

<StatusBar barStyle=”light-content” />

We can either put it in our main index.js or App.js file and then we can initialize our navigation component. So now our application will have light-content status bar which will show status bar content in white color. It will look something like this…

We have already seen how to create Google Assistant application using Actions and Dialogflow in our previous article Create Your First Google Assistant Application.

Today we will learn how to publish/deploy it to the store so that other people can access it.

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What you will need?

Before starting to publish/deploy it over the store, make sure you are having the above details.

Once you have everything ready, open google actions console and select your assistant application.

First and foremost thing you need to do is to give your action a display name. Select Develop from the menu and click on Invocation. Enter Display name, select the voice of Google Assistant and click on Save…


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