DAY 0 : Moving Hackathon — Self-Driving Global Challenge

After a long delay at the Delhi airport for my first international flight to Guangzhou, I landed at the final destination — Guiyang’s Longdong International Airport with a half an hour delay and reached the hotel by afternoon. I was extremely hungry and tired after a 24 hour journey with a small 2.5 hours jet lag as I started from Bengaluru, India. As this was my first time abroad, I checked out the airport maps, transfer procedure and had them stored offline as I heard about restricted internet access at China. Later, I realised that the process was extremely streamlined and was not complicated.

Travelator : The best part of Delhi, Guangzhou, Guiyang airports

Guiyang is a cosy place with lots of greenery, really tall buildings and a windy climate that literally sends chills through your bones. If you come with expectations of seeing typical, traditional Chinese houses, you are going to be disappointed as this place is full of modern buildings and on-going construction sites.

Guiyang : The tall buildings with very few people

I planned to visit the PIX factory where the hackathon will be happening from 22nd May. I found two friends to go with, Fernando and Italojs. You will hear more about them in the next blog. We reached the factory together and little did we know about what was in store for us. I was completely amazed by the cars, sensors and the factory setup. It was like a dream come true for me where I can play with those big cars. I also met my university friend, Rohan, to whom I am extremely thankful for suggesting to apply for the hackathon. (I almost missed the deadline of application :P) One thought that was going through my mind was the fact that I cannot drive, but I convinced myself that more than me driving it, I should make the car listen to my code :) I added “Learn driving” to my bucket list and came back to hotel after a contended visit. Now, the three of us went for food hunting to buy rice for me with just vegetables. (this part was more difficult than the entire hackathon, trust me!) I used the offline translation APK and tried to communicate with the restaurant people but that was all in vain. Italojs performed actions and struggled to help them understand what we wanted and, he finally succeeded! I finished my food, came back to hotel and the next thing I knew was the sunrise at Guiyang. The long, eventful day with lots of ups and downs awaits…

Sunrise at Guiyang : View from hotel’s 12th floor

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