A Bumpy Ride

I decide to be completely honest about my not-so adventurous but a new experience of travelling through a bus. Railway, being blocked and destroyed by the havoc that a group of Jaats created for reservation led me to experience a bus journey.

Now, if anyone of you have travelled through a roadways bus, you must be aware of the hardships of it. So, after waiting under the sun for around an hour, I finally get this bus which has seats and is willing to take me to Delhi. From here, my journey begins. I climb into it and sit at the best seat I could find, took out a book that I had planned to read. I try really hard to read but the kind of jumping and hopping the bus did, it was practically impossible for me to even keep the book open. Hence, I kept it back in my bag and took out my earphones, played some nice music. Suddenly, the driver starts honking, making it impossible for me to listen anything and that continued till I got down, or maybe, as long as the bus continued to move. The icing on the cake was that I am the Queen of motion-sickness and I threw up while I was still in the bus.

Albeit it was an exhausting journey, I reached my destination safely. Also, thanks to the speed of the bus, I travelled a 4 hour journey in 3 hours which obviously, also made it a hell of a bumpy ride for me. After this journey, I genuinely respect and admire the strength of all those who have the courage to travel by public roadways.

Thanks for reading my midnight rant.

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