: How are we evolving our work place culture

Exactly a year ago we started off to build an Intelligent Enterprise platform to “Bank a Billion”. It was not just an idea in our minds. We were convinced it can be done.

365 days later, has seen us partner some of the most innovative banks and technology companies in the world .Raising funds from experienced investors. Making revenue. Getting guidance from extremely experienced entrepreneurs. And most importantly building an awesome team.

Its safe to say we made a small but steady start.

Our journey started with a note we wrote to ourselves about the culture we shall share and evolve… Its not perfect. Its evolving. We are learning from better companies out there. Learning from our own mistakes. Learning from peers and gurus. We are evolving.

Here is a snippet to how we view our workplace. If this resonates with you, and you feel you would like to be a part of our journey, do reach out to our HR leader. We are growing. And we need Team Players.

How are we building the Active Intelligence culture?

This is the way we want to build a smart, agile, flexi workplace. As and when you join, collaborate and contribute, we shall constantly evolve this culture to inspire us to do the best for our customers, investors, families and ourselves.

· We are what we do and say.

· We are driving for a culture which helps continuously revolutionize the way customers are served.

· We embrace and propel Change.

· We aim for transparent and candid communication.

· We aspire to deliver a WOW experience, all this whilst having Fun

Here’s the path we’ve already embarked on:

· Openness enables us to engage better. Receive /share, ideas and feedback. At our workspace, in our meetings, in client engagements we would like to be transparent and lay the cards down as it is. It’s ok to say I do not have it ready or I do not know. You will be respected for it.

· Innovation is what drives us; it glues us and our customers. Innovate by partnering clients & colleagues as we all have an equal stake in winning. Ideas in isolation are not Innovation. So we encourage broader discussion and ideation to enable a greater chance of success. Remember the PostIT note from 3M.?

· There is nothing that’s constant in our world. So embrace, accept, initiate and validate, change. We will encourage you to think for now and for the future ie 3 years. Building for the future, and driving change for the better is what we would love to see and hear from each one of us. Re-imagine how the next Billion would love to bank. Can we make that a great wow?

· We need to be great listeners. The more we open our ears and eyes, the more opportunities the world presents to us. Our business is built on listening to customers and colleagues. Our communication should enable. Find the best ways to get ideas across. We live in an era of 140 characters or less, let’s make each one count.

· We’d like to be called the brave and the smart risk takers. We will always be low on resources like capital, people, workspace or even time. The more we simplify, the greater our resources will last. Your ideas on frugal innovation and resource management will enable us to grow.

· We are passionate about what we do and our customers. Celebrating a win is as important for us owning up for poor delivery and making it great. Our day is about intensely planning for both. Passionately delivering excellence makes magic for our customers and our pay cheques.

· We have roles in our company. We would expect you to hire yourself and pitch us on why you are the best for the role. Our compensation terms will at best help you manage your current standard of living. We expect our work to pay for itself over the next 3–4 years. Profitability is important. So our teams will always have talent, who can enable our clients win, thereby enabling a path to self-sustenance and profit sharing.

· Our visiting cards will not have designations for as long as possible. It enables us to interact without barriers of hierarchy. It also enables our teams to share ideas and solutions fearlessly. You are recognized by what and how you do. Outcomes matter.

· Stock ownership is something we want to share with every team member. It’s not tied into your designation or previous experience. It’s purely on merit. Linked to employee, team and company performance. We would like to rate ourselves to a Net Promoter Score. We have no formulae on these metrics as yet, so please expect this to evolve with your feedback.

· We have no fixed work hours. Let us try and enable the timings which can help our teams and customers collaborate. We should aim to work from office 4 days a week for fixed location teams. We would like our teams to be available to address our clients at reasonable hours. We also do not have a vacation policy, but we would encourage you to take 15 days a year to find time for yourself. There is also no sick leave policy. We would like you to recover stress free.

· As we try and be close to our customers and talent pools, it will be necessary to have offices in multiple geographies. We see this as a great opportunity to learn and respect new cultures and gender diversity. Great work cultures are built on mutual respect and teamwork. The best cultures are ones which are evolving, practiced and not preached.

· Every business has planned and unplanned expenses. Official and personal expenses. Unless clearly attributable to a business reason, most expenses would be considered personal. We will try and evolve a code of self-declaration here and a simple framework. Having a policing state, does not increase our NPS.

· Freedom at workspace can have many meanings. We would like to add one more , that every member of the company has the freedom to start an activity with impacts our NPS positively and stop any activity which impacts our NPS negatively.

· We aspire to live in Harmony in our workspace, environment and communities. Lets conserve, protect and grow resources alongside our teams.