Emotional Capital
Kartik Sharma

Life is an investment banking that can pay the richest salary. A bankers and therefore scientific insight into relationships.

Would help a lot if you elaborate with real life examples, to bring out the point clearly.

Made me think of the backend that goes on so many times in my life too:

>the subsidiary relationships where you keep investing and know there wont be returns — the friends who keep knocking at your door for help and forget you when there need is over.

>The extortionists who demand more from you with impunity but wont give you back when it is their turn.

>The huge interest seekers who will give you little but demand a lot in return.

>The con men and embezzlers who will fool into investing in them emotionally and disappear after damaging you substantially.

>The bean counters who will give you a penny of emotion but remind you for the rest of your life

>The generous, hearted who wont take back what you owe them when you wish to pay

>The perpetual poor who will always complain of emotional poverty whatever you do for them

& many more…. so much of similarity with banking….. Awesome.

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