“Gross National Happiness Is a Lie”: Oakland’s Bhutanese Refugees Speak Out
Jason Ditzian

Mr. Tshering Ngedup mentioned that “Those group of people were separatist, who did not want to follow governments rule and finally left Bhutan to seek better living in Nepal which became a nightmare later. Who would welcome a terrorist”,

Why you are hiding the reality?? If you have a human heart, try to speak the truth. if you don’t know read the history. You know truth is bitter. How come a 80 years old man become a terrorist? You people (Ngalongpa, Ruling elite)have rubbed them, abused them,raped the women, tortured them, snatched all their property of their hard work and evicted them from the country in the mid night. The loyal citizen of Bhutan who have toiled to construct the infrastructure and taught you people for agricultural cultivation. Had there been no southern Bhutanese you ngalongpa (Northern Bhutanese) would have been in the jungle eating dead animals.

Your country have such a rules which is no where in the world. e.g, citizen of a country are divided in to seven groups, like F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, and F7. what a joke.

Mr. Ngedup, The southern Bhutanese didn’t left the country for better living in Nepal. Mind it, they compelled to leave because your government forcefully evicted them. They have all evidence with them, like citizenship identity card, land tax receipt, school certificate, trade license, land registration documents, marriage certificate and many more.

You can not fool the International community, simply, saying that, who did not want to follow the rule of the government and finally left Bhutan to seek better living in Nepal which became a nightmare later. this statement of yours is Absurd.

Mr. Ngedup you will realize the pain of being refugee when you become sooner or later.