Love — Destined Coincidence

I believe love, for most of the general population out there is an abstracted version of a destined coincidence. The general population just never happens to meet their soul-mates through those very cliched methods that are purported by popular, yet so sparring stories that we hear.

We, as humans, have an innate desire to be loved, The social structure that conditions us leads us to finding that very comfortable partner that we desire to spend our lives with. Once, we start realizing this we happen to undertake the soul mate search.

Somewhere on some corner of the world there is yet another human (rather a pool of potential mates) pondering over the same questions and thereby decides to undertake this same walk of destiny.

Thereafter, you start weighing yourself against all those potential mates that come across. The theory that marriages are made in heaven and that you eventually find your soul mate in the nick of time, leaves non-believers like me perplexed. My belief, lies more along the lines that you tend to select your mate from a pool of more similar people and matching personalities.

Thus, the only coincidence in the whole process becomes the phenomenon of matching interests and really nothing more than that.

There are people who find their love mates through unusual circumstances, in random pubs, parties, through mutual friends etc. Well, then there are always outliers to every theory and this one is no exception. There will always be people who would cry out loud of having found true soul mates through the grace of destiny and credit the unknown.