The Last time I’m writing when I’m high

Colors of Folsom
Whenever I’m high, the curious person in me searches for answers. This time, I’m writing them for a change.
When the wind starts veering on the alleys of San Francisco, there is nothing I thought other than following it towards the stairway to heaven.

The little talk with the people on the streets makes me think about sharing the slice of pizza with them. It changed the portrait of the town around me. The way it took me to a place named ‘The End Up’ still reminds me of the ten years guy in me running away from home in search of home in the mountains, mars and solitude in the world.

I could see the crystals of water dripping on me. They unwrapped all the memories I had with you. There was spider which started webbing around my streets of brain, didn’t know it should die in a month. I can’t stop the invisible things around and inside me.

Some happy little pills are not meant to make you happy, but show the happy little world you want to see.
Something’s happen for a reason and we never know the reason until they happen.

This is the night I want to cherish all the awesome things with you. I didn’t ask you to wait for a reason to plan something in the future. It just popped up in my mind asking me to have a hope for seeing the reflection of the moon on the beach with you. The lights that are escaping from me, distorting faces of people propelling into the sky and the sound of raining water reminds me of the kiss in the woods with you gazing the stars.

I started linking somethings in the life with you and it all ended up in a place where I could see the advertisement of a happy couple.

There were no roads that are leading to the place where I’m romancing the lonely house in mountains from my childhood. Instead, it paved me the path to sheer happiness with you. The walls started cuddling me and light starts to sneak into the clouds with a wake up call to have some food. The sunrise seemed like the portrait of a shabby and beautiful painting from a five year old kid.

I started to panic seeing people running in their lives. But, there is a beautiful world in every person like the planes hiding behind the clouds.

I asked the streets, alleys and the air to show me all the colors. Whatever the color I see, I’m ready to face the consequences. Until I felt the thin line of light that is still available to see you in the darkness of our relation. If I’m alive after these moments, I would ask you for one last thing.

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