Creating a New Belief System

“God has created everyone of us with the same potential”

I totally believe in the above statement . But why are some people so very successful( i’m not only talking about money, i’m talking about overall success ie health, wealth , relationships etc ) and they happen to do what ever they dream about . What’s the secret ???
And if the above statement is true than why are so many people struggle to make ends meet ? Why are they unsuccessful ??? 
Where it went on wrong ???

After a lot of research and self analysis i found out that potential is the same but how to use that potential is the problem. Let me explain what do i mean .

Imagine its raining and 3 people are asked to collect the rain water . 
Person1: He has a small Jug( 1L capacity) , he fills it up 
Person 2 : He has a bucket ( 5L capacity ) , he also accumulate the rain water 
Person 3: He has a big tank ( 100 L capacity ) with him, and he ends up filling 
 the Big water tank with rain water .

Rain remains the same for all the 3 persons, but the containers bought by them differ . And same happens with our potential , potential remain the same with all but he Belief system (Container size) differs from person to person.

Person want to be rich but he deep down has a belief system of a broke person.
Person wan to have a good health , but he/she doesn’t believe totally that he/she can become healthy.

And when to don’t believe completely in something you will not pursue it seriously. You may end up giving up an excuse of i didn’t have enough time, i don’t have enough money,enough support from my spouse/parents etc. But is it really the case ???
Enough of esoteric lets come to the real solutions. How to increase the belief system.

3 ways to Increase Belief system
1. Affirmation
2. Association
3. Action

1.Affirmation : 
You are the product of the programming . You have been programmed by parents, friends,colleagues and that has formed your belief system.
My parents used to say this “ study hard , get good grades and you will be settled in your life “ have you heard this phrase ?? And my belief system was formed around it . And this belief system is formed because this was told to me every single day at least 10 times . And i believed it as truth .

Do a simple exercise , say to yourself 10 times this
1. Today I’m feeling ill, i can’t do anything today.
After repeating for 10 times , you will really start feeling ill. If the power of
2. Today I’m feeling great. It’s an awesome day:)
After repeating for 10 times passionately , you will feel great isn’t it ?

Sub conscious mind work , it can work for you or against you , based on what you affirm . Use the power of affirmation to increase your belief system.

Your belief system is the result of the 5 nearest people around you . 
Associate yourself with the people whose results you want.
Do a Math
Take a average income of the 5 closest people whom you associate daily ,
It’s closest to your income.Isn’t it :) 
If you want to be a millionaire, associate with millionaire . Not with your broke colleagues. You don’t need to run away from the existing friends.
There is a huge power of association , use it to increase your belief system.

Action cures fear , and also strengthen the belief system.
The follow-up step after Affirmation , Association → Action. 
Theory won’t help you . Go into the action mode now.
Don’t procrastinate your work, put the first things first .

“Don’t prioritize your schedule
Schedule your prioritises”.
 — Steven Covey

Belief system is most important in leading you to Success(I’m not only talking about money, I’m talking about overall success i.e. health, wealth , relationships etc ).

Apply the strategy given above and let me know if it helped.