From Introvert to Effective Communicator

I had been an Introvert all my school and college life. And always wanted to make friends , have Fun . I remember the days where i used to sit at a desk alone because there where no friends of mine .

And pretty soon when i came in the corporate job (Indeed to get a Job I needed to good at my communication skill) i needed communication skill to succeed . So how did i transform myself from being an Introvert to and Effective Communicator?? It was a Big change (Or i thought i was big ) .

“By changing nothing, nothing changes”. — Tony Robbins

Step 1. Accepting there is a need to Change

We look for solutions only when we have identified the problem. I had identified my problem which was been introvert. And i had willingness to change it (That is very important ).

Step 2. Finding the Tools

Being an Engineer i know the importance of tools (Resources ) , Tools are designed for a specific function. I used 3 tools

A. Books Someone said “Books are your best friend” and i agree with that . I wanted to become a good communicator so i started reading books like “How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie” ,”Skill with people”,”Everybody communicates few connect by John Maxwell “ these are few of the references. The best thing i can think about is a TED talk by Tae in which he talks about the importance of books . You will get practical ideas and motivation to go out and make new friends , overcome your challenge.

B. Association “We become whom we associate”.Association has been become one of the most important catalyst in my success from an Introvert to an Effective Communicator . Let me give you an example of Association , Imagine you have been asked to ride a one wheeled bike , If you haven’t been in circus previous than you would be scared right . If the same question is asked to you in a Park where lot of normal people just like you are happily riding a single wheeled bike comfortably . All are enjoying riding that , what will your mind think now ? Yes , if they can do it you can also do it . Same applies to communication , Join a local toastmasters club or any speakers club, you will associated with good communicators who will inspiration you to become better at communication . And also you will make new friends :) ( Don’t worry they will only talk to you first ).

C. Mentor Find a Mentor who is genuinely interested in helping you get better and get regular feedback . And be ready for the changes advised by the mentor .

Step 3.PRACTICE,PRACTICE,PRACTICE Perseverance is the key at becoming better at any craft. Consistency and persistency will make you a great communicator . Do you know the difference between Amateur and Pro ? It is the number of hours of Practice that’s it period.

I would like to End this post by one of my favourite quotes by Robin sharma

“Change is Hard in the Beginning 
Messy in the Middle and 
Gorgeous at the End “.

I hope this post inspires you to transform from an Introvert to an Effective Communicator . I would like to hear back from you what did you like in this post and how did it help you. See you in the comments section.

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