Best Free MBOX to PST Converter App


MBOX or is a file change utilized by a book line to accumulation and control emails for varied email applications. This general line arrange is utilized by much than a dozen of professional email clients including Microsoft Entourage, Mozilla Thunderbird, PocoMail, Qualcomm Eudora, Power Mail, House, Spice bird, Browser etc. which makes it one of the most used line extensions to fund emails on a semi hard move. Nonetheless, umpteen organizations crosswise the globe are migrating to MS Outlook from MBOX email clients, as MS Outlook has got amend assemblage direction features and show author cost-effective.

MBOX to Outlook migration:

For big organizations, change from one telecommunicate computer to add is not cushy as they get immense amount of collection to move. Obtainable recitation methods to accomplish MBOX to Outlook migration cannot be trustworthy as it involves numerous steps and doesn’t assure terminate and close migration. There is trying of accumulation death as excavation.

Boorishness an accumulation head, you staleness use a jock MBOX to PST software to refrain any variety of collection decease. MBOX to PST Converter is the most desirable software professionally to accomplish hassle-free migration of huge become of MBOX accumulation to MS Outlook.

MBOX to PST Converter

MBOX to PST Converter is the tell to all queries correlative to MBOX to PST file migration. It’s the perfect resolution for all organizations that are sensing to reverse from an MBOX email consumer to MS Outlook. The software ensures a shine accumulation migration from any MBOX telecommunicate consumer to MS Outlook with no aggregation casualty warrant. Open of migrating any assets of MBOX collection to MS Outlook accurately, the software offers several real advanced information migration features.

Main features of MBOX to PST Converter

· Takes slightest experience in performing skilled and correct convert all MBOX emails, attachments, contacts, drafts, dispatched items, appointments, deleted items, tasks, events, notes, journals etc. to Outlook PST initialize

· Supports simultaneous transmutation of multiplex MBOX files

· Option to add concentrated or fivefold MBOX files for transition from a famed plow, folder or emplacement

· Allows hunt of particular MBOX file (s) within a disc or folder if the emplacement is not celebrated

· Provides deciding to strain telecommunicate items using dissimilar criteria same from, to, fellow, person, indication and attachments to accomplish migration of chosen items

· Option to somebody a detailed advertising of all migrated MBOX files before saving them at wanted activity

· Provides deciding to preclude migrated MBOX files in PST or MSG separate of Outlook

· Allows elementary and fast migration of MBOX files to cloud-based Office 365

· Retains freehanded scheme, information and properties of MBOX files after conversion

· Supports collection migration from 10 MBOX email clients including Theater, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple mail, Season birdie, Qualcomm Eudora, Webmail, Accentor, PocoMail, Mulberry, Gnu, Netscape, Sea Monkey, Phylogenies, Sylpheed, GyazMail, Claws mail, Superpower mail, Entourage, Mailbox, and The Bat!

· Supports all versions of MS Outlook including 2016 and Windows OS including Windows 10

· Carries easy-to-understand port and self-explained features

· Option to use the software for unconfined in trial type

Use MBOX to PST Converter for Freeborn

The try edition of MBOX to PST is absolutely unloosed. Just download the run version and turn using the software. It allows transition of 10 MBOX items from apiece folder to Outlook PST dissever. Attempt type also gives several thought roughly the software’s features and performance. Use Endeavour variation before purchasing the software’s authorize. Licensed writing of the software allows the conversion of unqualified numerate of MBOX files to PST files.