A perfect morning

Ravleen Singh

Creative Writing 212


Professor Selsburg

A perfect morning

Lucy stands in front her long oval mirror as she prepares herself to walk down the aisle. Her mother, Linda; is zipping up her wedding dress. After she zips her dress, Linda tries to contain herself trying to hold back tears. Linda couldn't believe her daughter was growing up so fast. She remembers when Lucy was a toddler and how she loved wearing her hair in a pigtail with cute rubber bands. And now she’s standing there with her daughter, surprised how much time flew, leading her to her daughters wedding day. She grabs Lucy’s hand and smiles at her. “Honey, I am so so happy for you, I can’t -.” Linda pauses, she can’t finish her sentence. She can’t help but shed a joyful tear for her daughter’s special day. “I am just so happy for you, congratulations dear”. Lucy starts to feel emotional too, trying to speak but can’t find the words to express her appreciation for her mother’s kind words. “Thanks mom” is all she can say fighting back tears. Lucy feels overwhelmed with the abundance of love she’s gotten after everything she’s been through especially since her childhood. Lucy was always the dorky girl who never got a lot of negative attention because of her physicality. She was your average nerdy girl who did have glasses, braces and was a quiet and shy girl. But now, she feels like she reached a milestone after all those tough years. Lucy is the editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine, working at conde naste on 5th ave in New York. She has been working in the fashion industry for quite some time and is one of the notable editor that has lived. But today, she feels like an even bigger winner because today, shes marrying her dream man. The man she’s been in love with since she was a teen. It was an undying love that continues on and their love is the perfect representation of that.

Linda puts the finishing touches to Lucy, helping her put her veil on. After putting her veil on, Lucy takes a deep breath as she takes one last look at herself. She stares at her Vera Wang dress as it’s hugging her hourglass figure, a gift she got from Vogue. The sparkly rhinestones embody the sweetheart neckline down to her waist. From the waist down to the end, her dress is lacy and slightly see through, leaving something to the imagination. Her brunette hair is styled with beach waves with subtle make-up, looking like a natural beauty. Lucy takes a moment to herself looking around the room one more time.

The bridesmaids first make an appearance in their silk,long, pink off the shoulder dresses by Givenchy. The girls come giggling in as Michael’s friends playfully smile and flirt with the girls. They make eye contact with them as they giggle shy-fully with each other. Lucy prays her niece; the flower girl behaves and walks down the way she did in rehearsal. Instead she frolics down the aisle, not walking like she should’ve during rehearsal which took her fifty times to get right, throwing flower petals everywhere and dancing around. Her adorable behavior has everyone laughing hard in a heartfelt way and at the point Lucy didn’t even care about her walking “right” anymore. She loved this candid moment even more. Lucy was laughing really hard, that it distracted her momentarily from getting nervous again.

Now comes the bride’s father, John. John was a military veteran. He’s tall, big and strong looking. You can even see his veins popping out of his neck without him moving anything. Now comes the brides time to shine. Lucy slowly walks in, nervous as hell, her stomach is in knots and she feels overwhelmed by everything. He locks his harms in hers. “I am so proud and happy for you sweetie, you look beyond beautiful” He says in his deep and raspy voice. He smiles at her and off they walk to the altar slowly. Everyone stands up watching the bride as she makes her entrance down the aisle.

Lucy is walking with her five foot train as it slides the floor. Afar, she see’s Michael, in his suit and it instantly felt like high school all over again. She remembers when she was head over heels over him. She had a huge crush on him for four years. He was the first thing she saw when she started high school and he caught her eye ever since. She had many classes with him over the years but never had the courage to talk to him because she was super shy and never got attention like the other girls. The other girls wore shirts that they could fill out with tight jeans just enough to show off those curves. Michael was in the football team but things took a turn when they both had the same chemistry class. Michael was failing his exams and needed help. Football practice and his job was taking over his study time. He couldn’t make any time, until one day Micheal came to class tired. He was constantly falling asleep in class, the teacher was immediately alerted when she heard his books fall to the floor. The teacher yelled at him loudly, embarrassing him in front of the whole class. Lucy felt really bad and couldn’t help but to talk to him. She tapped him on the shoulder after dismissal and introduced herself. Micheal was confused, but he took his hand out and introduced himself as well. “I heard you were struggling in class” she mumbled. Micheal shrugs with disappointment. “Yeah well…there’s nothing I can do” Micheal insisted. “Um…..I was just wondering if you needed help with your work, or if you want me to tutor you I-I can help..?” She asked nervously. “Uh..thanks, I’ll see if I can..but thanks.” Her heart was pounding with excitement that she finally broke the ice and spoke to him. Lucy walks away saying goodbye. She walks to the bathroom doing her nerdy dance with excitement. One of the girls, Hannah, Micheal's ex walks in. Lucy immediately stops by pretending she had something stuck to her teeth but inside she was pounding with happiness.

After what felt like a few weeks without any conversations, besides hi’s between Micheal and Lucy, it felt like she wasn’t going to have a chance with him. Lucy shrugged it off and realized she has no chance to get to know him. With busy schedules from exams and assignments she became super busy forgetting everything about Micheal. When Lucy left school after dismissal to walk home. Across from her she saw Micheal trying to cross the street with his bags and sports equipment. She noticed he didn’t look too well but she didn’t give it much of a thought. She looked at him and walked away, as she’s walking she hears two cars speeding and in a split second theres screaming and sounds of cars screeching. Lucy turns around and she see’s Micheal bleeding in the middle of the road hurt. Lucy takes a double take. She stares in utter shock and runs across the street to help him. Drivers quickly crowd around as Lucy is on the floor asking for help. She calls the ambulance to take Micheal quickly for urgent care. Minutes after the ambulance arrives escorting Micheal quickly. Lucy gets worried and heads to the hospital to see Micheal. She arrives at the hospital with flowers and warm chicken soup. There were his other friends and football coach surrounding his bed. They try to comfort him as he’s half asleep with a busted lip, having a hard time talking. Lucy walks in, not knowing there were people in there, she quickly apologizes and walks out. Micheal's coach comes out stopping her. “Excuse me ma'am who are you?” “Oh I’m just a good friend here to see Micheal” she says nervously. “Wait a sec” he takes a long pause. Lucy gets nervous.

“Why do you have blood on your jacket?” he asks. “Oh jeez I didn’t notice, when I ran across to help hi-” The coach interrupts her. “Wait so you were the one who saved his life?” “Well I ran over to him and I did what I could to call the ambulance.” she said. “Young lady do you know what you have done? Because of you he’s safe ma’am thank you so much”. He says emotionally. “You know..that kid is like a son to me” the coach starts to cry. “No sir, I was just being a good Samaritan” she says looking down. Lucy and his coach have a good talk with each other. “I’m sorry ma’am what was your name again?” he asks. “Oh sorry, my name is Lucy” “ Well nice to meet you Lucy, I’m Coach Daryl but you can call me Daryl, thank you so much ma’am, you've surely done a great job, I wish I can bring you to Micheal but he’s sleeping.” he says. “Oh, well that’s fine sir Daryl, I guess I’ll meet him another time”. she says, she walks away but coach Daryl quickly stops her. “Ma’am do you mind if I give him the flowers and soup on your behalf?” “Oh yes of course, this is for him.” Coach Daryl leaves to go inside the hospital room. Lucy walks away in the rain to go home. After a couple hours, Micheal's mother Suzanne runs inside his room crying and panicking. “Oh my baby, is he going to be okay, oh my god!” she sobs hard in disbelief. “Ma’am please, he will be alright and luckily the injuries wasn’t as bad, hes quickly recovering.” the doctor says trying to comfort her.

“Oh sweet baby Jesus thank goodness my baby boy will be okay”. After a couple hours, Micheal wakes up to his mother, coach and friends surrounding his bed. Micheal freaks out a bit, “Oh Jesus Christ, ya scared me.” “Oh don’t talk too much, your poor lip is busted.” Suzanne insists. Micheal rolls his eyes. Micheal talks to coach Daryl asking what happened and not having a vivid memory of what exactly happened. Coach Daryl explains he got in to a car accident within a split second because of some bozos speeding. “ But anyway a good friend of yours, who goes by the name of Lucy saved your life. She got you soup and flowers.” “Wait…what?! Lucy? But how?” he asks curiously. “ When you got in to an accident, she was the first person to rush over calling the ambulance.” Daryl answers. “Oh..wow” Micheal is left speechless not knowing how to react. He looks at the flowers and drinks his chicken soup, still in disbelief that Lucy saved his life.

After a couple of weeks when Micheal returns to school, everyone crowds around him and cheers for him. Micheal looks for Lucy but can’t find her. When she waits outside her chemistry class, he taps her on the shoulder. Lucy turns around in shock. “Hey Lucy, uh I just want to thank you for saving me, I’m just beyond thankful to you for what you did to help me, thank you so much, and thank you for the soup and flowers. The soup was delicious and the flowers were beautiful.” Lucy’s ears turn red as her heart is pounding out of her chest again, she doesn’t know what to say. “ Oh no worries, as long as your’e okay and I’m totally glad you are.” Lucy stutters, she doesn't know what to say to him, shes speechless. The bell rings and they make their way to class. Lucy trips on her shoe lace but Micheal was quick to help her up. There’s an awkward silence but there’s an awkward silence between them but Lucy is quick to brush herself off. “Thanks” she says nervously. She sits down and notices on and off again Micheal won’t stop staring at her. She ignores it but notices that he won’t stop. After class dismissal, Micheal approaches her, asking her for help for the upcoming final for chemistry class.

Michael asked her for help and Lucy’s heart was pounding to the point where she almost felt like she can hear it again . In a heartbeat, she said yes. Overtime, as they hung out more and studied together often. He saw something in her-something beyond her external self and going to tutoring. Lucy had a natural edge to her that he really liked. They both were enjoying each others company and overtime, they both shared a friendly bond and developed chemistry with each other. (pun intended.) Lucy would have to wait for him after football practice to help him with classwork every day but she really liked him so she stayed. From there on, Michael felt a closeness with her due to her selflessness and the rest was history. Eight years later she sees him at the altar waiting just for her. Lucy and her father reach the altar, but before he lets her go, he gives her a kiss on the forehead. He walks away and gives Michael a warm wink, the kind that reassures he trusts her with him.. There he is, standing right in front of her with a warm smile.

The priest smiles at the both of them before he starts his ritual. Michael’s eyes start to well up and can’t stop staring at his to-be wife. Lucy chokes up trying to hold herself as well. They both hold hands as the priest does his usual wedding speech. They both stare into each other’s eyes feeling joyous. Nothing can describe their feeling at this moment. After, what felt like two hours, the priest finally reaches the end of the ritual and asks the long-awaited question to Michael. “Do you Michael take Lucy as your wedded wife?” “I do.” He replies. The priest looks at Lucy, “Do you Lucy take Michael as your wedded husband?” Lucy smiles, she turns around and smiles at everyone. “Yes, I do”. “Do you Micheal take Lucy as your wedded wife?” The priest asks. “Yes, I do.” “You may kiss the bride!” The priest says loudly. “Wait, can you change that you must kiss the bride?” Everyone laughs and Micheal kisses Lucy.

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