The Holy Grail of Parenting Wisdom
Amit Phansalkar

Hey Amit, just came across your blog today or rather started reading it today. Firstly, its great that you are actually writing. I have tried, really tried and never got anywhere.

This is a topic that has recently become really interesting to me. I have 14 months old twins and I have only recently started thinking about what kind of parent I am and what kind of parent I want to be. I totally agree with whatever you have written here particularly the convincing and the listening thing. I always envision myself as a really friendly mom, listening and explaining things. But I had also envisioned other stuff like my babies never wearing diapers, never giving them the phone for a minute, never switching on the TV in front of them and these things didn’t work out like that. Twins, a career, sleep deprivation, sheer exhaustion, lack of time, taking care of a house, and the list goes on…It is frightening to think if I will ever get the time to be the parent I want to be..

When does it get better? And if you could pick one quality that you will actively try to cultivate in your child what would it be?

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