End-to-end(E2E) Testing for Vue.js application using Testcafe

git clone https://github.com/Tech-49/E2E-Testcafe-Vue.gitcd E2E-Testcafe-Vue
List of static users on the Home page.
About Us Page with dummy content!
Contact Us Page
ToDos Page
npm run test
"test": "testcafe chrome test/cases/*.test.js -S -s screenshots"
import selectors from '../model/selectors.js';fixture(`About us Page`)   .page('http://localhost:8080');
test('Check heading is exist on about us page! ', async tc => {
await tc .click(selectors.aboutMenu) .expect(selectors.heading.innerText).eql("About Us")});
import selectors from '../model/selectors.js';




Software Engineer & Corporate Trainer. http://hardikraval.in

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Hardik Raval

Hardik Raval

Software Engineer & Corporate Trainer. http://hardikraval.in

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