Fashion tips of all time!

This blog will be dedicated to talk about the tips that can benefit all girls when it comes to fashion. Here is a list of them:

1. Stylists advise girls to wear a light bag for outings in the evening. Maybe a cross-body bag with a light chain.

2. More-is-more, an approach that Coco Chanel followed. Today don’t be worried to layer your necklaces. Put multiple layers, either of the same material or go for a daring look to create a contrast in the necklaces. (See picture below)

3. When you doubt the color of your heels, go with nude colors. Match a nude color to your skin tone, as they will also make you look taller. (See picture below)

4. Have at least one piece that is leopard print in your closet. Stylists say it’s a timeless and always glamorous piece anyone could own.

5. Be more daring from time to time and combine prints together. Mix prints that have the same colors.

Picture for point 3

Picture for point 2

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