*Colorblind* isn’t the Goal
Debra Guckenheimer

Racism exists, race does not. Race is a social construct, not applicable to human beings and which has no basis in science. Race is a concept originally created by racists to devalue groups of human beings. If you think otherwise, ask yourself a question, who gets to decide who is of a certain called “race” and who is not. Who decides that, *this* many genes or this DNA make up, make you this so called race? Racism exists, it is prevalent and persistent at the institutional and personal level and must be called out and addressed, every day. And, the history of peoples struggles and triumphs against racism must be kept alive and revered, everyday, as it integral to who they are as much as where they have been and what they have done. But, race as a notion of classifying human beings is an notion, an ignorant one, that must be seen as what it is, non applicable. Racism exists, race does not.

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