Beginners Guide to Customer Demos

If you’re new to customer demos, I’ve compiled this little list to help you get through the initial freak out stage. Well at least I was freaking out anyway. So from experience, this is my general plan:

  1. Test everything you plan to show before you go.
  2. Start with the basics then hit them with the fireworks.
  3. Leave it in their hands, if something goes wrong get there ASAP.
  4. Take a hike

Now to break these down a bit.

Test everything you plan to show before you go

This sounds like a no brainer but when you’re busy things can slip through the crack. Make a list of what you expect to show during the demo and do a trial run. Nail that shit down.

Start with the basics, end with a bang

Set things up and get things running, show the customer the basic functionality and how everything works. Then go straight for the kill, showing them the most complicated, awe inspiring configuration you can imagine them using. There’s no time for middle of the road.

By doing this you insure that their wildest dreams are met, and having just seen the basic functions they’re now of the mind set of, “It’s simple to use, and it can also do this? I’m going to look awesome using this.”

That’s a big win.

Leave it in their hands, if something goes wrong get there ASAP

Trust that you’ve given them all the information they need to use your product, and leave them to it for a while. Be on stand-by for anything that might come up on their side, ready to jump straight back in and help them out. One of the worst things for a product demo is leaving the customer spinning due to some small misunderstanding that you could have quickly resolved.

Take a hike

Once it’s all over, go for a hike and reflect on how things went and what you can do better next time. I literally hiked up to Mission Peak with my spare 5 hours before I needed to go to the airport and it was 100% worth it.

I think most customers want your product to work for them, and if you can get on their level and show off how it’s going to solve their problems you’re going to come away just fine most of the time.