The Money Pot

Life’s deadly little honey pot that traps almost everyone at one point or another.

Bloody sales and deals are my absolute downfall.

I’m trapped in the money pot right now. As I earn more I spend more. I don’t even know how it happens but it does.

Here’s my current cycle.

  1. Make a damn budget.
  2. Remember that money isn’t everything and I shouldn’t let it control me.
  3. Blow the damn budget on all the delicious food and other items.
  4. Remember why I made a damn budget in the first place, and that money may not be everything but helps a lot when it comes to living in a house and paying to fix your car.
  5. Revisit the damn budget.

And repeat for ever.

I just can’t figure out how to manage my money, live simply and not stress out over it. Is there a trick to it or am I just not trying hard enough?

I need to revisit my damn budget.

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