Don’t Lose Touch (A Social Experiment)


It’s a new year full of promises, goals, and soon to be regrets. All of us love new beginnings but with so much to take care of, it often becomes hard to keep an open mind on the promises we made to ourselves on day one.

For this reason (and perhaps others too), I like to draft my list of resolutions with the thought of accomplishing these tasks on a daily basis. So, if it can’t be done every day, it does not make the list.

Here’s a sample list:

  • Eat a small breakfast (energy bars, drinks in pouches, fruit, etc).
  • Say something positive in the mirror while brushing my teeth.
  • Write a daily accomplishment in my journal.
  • No social media for more than 30 minutes total.

Seems simple, right? However, one of my bigger goals extends a littler further than the list. This year, I want to work on speaking more with others and regaining some of my faith in humanity.

Here was my initial observation:

Facebook creators are geniuses. They took a simple question and turned it into a phenomenon. When was the last time a person asked me: What’s on your mind? This was the basis of Facebook for many years before people started sharing irrelevant, but sometimes, entertaining content.

The Experiment

Ask a close friend 3x a week: What’s on your mind?
After: Ask a stranger.

I will bet you that within a month or two when you don’t ask…it’ll feel weird. Congrats, you will have made an impact.

As the years progress and technology booms we can quickly lose our basic skill of communication. After all, when haven’t we just needed a friendly face to talk to?

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