Is Our Trash Really Killing Sea Life?

My “I Can’t” Monday Rant

It’s a tough time to be human at the moment. There’s no question about it. I understand that we’re about to transition into (possibly) one of the toughest four years of our generation, but how about the growing problem threatening our existence right now? AT THIS PRESENT F*CKEN MOMENT.

The growing problem of littering into our oceans and trashing our land.

Great job humans. We can figure out space travel but not a smart way to recycle? It’s bad enough that we cannot co-exist with each other. Do we also have to ruin our relationship with other species too?

33% of plastic material is only used once and thrown away into the sea or littered across the land. This impacts three areas: groundwater, wildlife, and the food chain. We can deal with a bad president. We can’t live without earth.

What do you think? Should we be paying more attention to our planet? Why is the environment the last thing on our minds? Is it because we don’t deal with it directly? I’m curious to know. Help me out and tell me what you want to know more about. Your thoughts…or whatever is on your mind. Or just tap the ❤