There’s No Reason to Keep Going. So why do it?

It’s hard to keep on going sometimes.

To find your balance when your soul has lost traction and everything seems to be out of reach.

It’s when you realize that nobody listens. You yell and you scream, but they refuse to take your hand.

It’s the feeling you get when you hug somebody so incredibly tight, but it’s never tight enough.

To be locked in a pitch black room, and you can’t find the light switch.

When your honest but it just “wasn’t the right time”.

That moment when you’re in your car, and you realize that your life is made up of just work, commute, and sleep.

When you can’t find what your good at.

Everyone takes you too seriously, but yet everyone thinks you’re a joke.

When your last hope tells you your not the right “fit”.

Out of the 235 friends you have on Facebook, only 1 wishes you a happy birthday.

When you see someone you knew for years, and they refuse to speak with you.

When you give away your last cigarette.

It’s hard to keep on going, but I do it anyway. Why? Because why not?

Everyday above ground is a good day. Don’t waste it. You know how many people didn’t wake up this morning?

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