Day 11 of 21 Days Light Vegan

A live blogging story by K.

The sunny walk to town

Day 11

I managed to catch a bit of sunshine today, it’s amazing what a gleam of vitamin D does to your energy, how it uplifts your mood and make you lift your head up rather than curl your demeanour downwards.

For breakfast I had my usual melons for breakfast — oh so sweet galia and cantaloupe and just before heading out I had some tangerines, almonds and dates (naughty).

I met up with a friend at Costa and found myself ordering a decaf soya latte — again. I actually don’t like this coffee habit I’m starting to have, so I think I will go back to my love of herbal teas if I’m out and about.

Just before going to Costa I went to Out of this World to stock up on the Bakewell Tart Nakd bars that they have on offer — a pack of 4 for £1.49! I couldn’t resist. I told the friend I was meeting up with about them so I had to get her a pack also. Whilst at Costa I sneaked and cracked open a Nakd bar in between my sip of coffee. After our catch up on life and quite an engaging talk about where we see the modern world going digitally, we headed towards The Tetley to attend more digital conversation on The Digital Art Debate part of Leeds International Festival week.

On the way there, I stopped at Pret A Manger for a small Souper Tomato soup to takeaway. I’m quite fond of Pret A Manger, they have a range of vegan options that makes it easy for a quick nibble when you’re slightly peckish or even if you want a tasty lunch — their wraps are delicious.

After the talk I came home to one of the tasty raw meals I’ve had — raw cashew cheese-topped portobellini mushrooms with asparagus and a butternut squash salad. Damn, you did it again D :)

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