Day 13 of 21 Days Light Vegan

A live blogging story by K.

Day 13

Today was the launch of Raw Words. A night we’ve put on to intertwine spoken word and raw vegan food. D and I was so excited for this. This is something I’ve been wanting to create for while, a vision where a place like The Happy Caterpillar can bond creativity with food.

Good living food is a way to fuel your mind, body and soul and creativity is a way to express this fuel.

To start the day, we went to grab the rest of the food to prepare for the Raw Words night. On the way to do some food shopping we chomped on about 4 bananas between us to fuel our way.

Whilst I was in town, I was prompted by my friend to go see an art exhibition — The Lumen Prize, that was being held at Leeds Dock. On my way there I also discovered the Museum of Youth Culture: Unity Through Subculture which was a very interesting display of post war culture — showing sounds and styles of youth and self expression.

Museum of Youth Culture: Unity Through Subculture

The Lumen Prize Exhibition 2017 was unreal. The display of art was based on very abstract visual narration — most using virtual reality headsets. My favourite piece was the Hyperplanes of Simultaneity.

Hyperplanes of Simultaneity

After coming back from what felt like a different realm of reality, D and I started preparing for the Raw Words event. For this event we prepared a menu of Happy Hawaiian Burger and Apple Pie & Banana and Apple Ice-cream. We got to enjoy the vibes of everyone who shared their spoken word piece and their great conversations. This was the first Raw Words event but definitely not the last, it was fun with great vibes and company — watch out for our next events.

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