DAOs and the Global Economic Order 🔮

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Photography by Moritz Kindler. Previous: Part 1, Part 2.

“[We need] intentional humanity-wide dissemination of inventions and modifications in memes, scenes, themes, dreams, and ecolonomic and echotechnical systems aimed at making a meta-culture capable of returning Techne to serve humanity and its biospheric matrix.

John Allen, Ethnospherics

Thus far, we have peered at neoliberalism’s macroeconomic disequilibria, and have explored its diverse institutional networks. Intermingling state, monetary, corporate, public and private sector actors engage each other in layered network formations (‘foams’ in Sloterdijk’s spatial analytic discourse), ultimately vying for economic control through a variety of strategic interventions. …

DAOs and the Global Economic Order 🍃

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Photography by Blake Weyland

“The prosperity of human foams depends on global macrostructures of co-immunization. Members of these structures are… responsible collaborators for the set-up of a global architecture of co-immunity.”

Rauschenbach, How to Govern the Universalizing Community

We began our exploration in the first part by describing the global economic topology: a mosaic of states, monetary authorities and transnational corps, together composing a core-periphery network. An exploiting-exploited dynamic was identified, with core capital exploiting the environment and global labor — all labor in the Global South, and unskilled labor in the OECD bloc. …

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An update on the DXdao

The DXdao was initiated through a decentralized deployment process. It manages its own decentralized website. It owns three decentralized software products — a private cryptocurrency portfolio manager, a prediction market platform, and an interface to exchange Ethereum tokens. And now it’s hosted the first ever decentralized fundraiser.

The DXdao’s rise is a strange thing to witness, and one that will undoubtedly confuse state regulators and other legacy entities in the years to come. In what jurisdiction does it exist? Unknown — its 400+ members (many of whom are anonymous) come from all around the world.

DAOs and the Global Economic Order ⏳

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Photography by Aron Visuals

👉🏻 Part 2

“The explosive growth of slums over the last decades… is perhaps the crucial geopolitical event of our times… We are thus witnessing the fast growth of a population living outside state control, in conditions half outside the law, in terrible need of the minimal forms of self-organization

… We should be looking for signs of the new forms of social awareness that will emerge from the slum collectives: they will be the germs of the future.

Žižek, In Defense of Lost Causes, pg. 424–426

In the global economic periphery, the neoliberal economic order — often with the help of local institutions — has displaced rural, agrarian, and indigeneous populations by appropriating their lands for financial profits. When divorced from the production of their own essentials, migrants head to the cities for secure living, and in doing so, begin to depend on the same economic order that displaced them. Now, for the first time, urban living is the majority life-form on earth. In the megacities the urban poor form informal settlements, without safety nets and guaranteed property rights — they are absent institutional order and accompanying civic society, and there are nearly one billion of them today. …

Seeds Catch Wind

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Create your own DAO

The past few weeks have been the largest ever in terms of growth in the DAO ecosystem. Five exciting projects announced respective DAO pilots, covering a variety of use cases, all powered by Alchemy, the flexible DAO interface for collaborative resource management.

Our goal is to for DAOstack to be the infrastructure service provider of choice for organizations worldwide who want to DAOify themselves. We believe that the holographic consensus (pt 2) approach works for governance at scale, that Reputation-based voting is generally more useful than tokens, and that learning by doing is the best and only means of iterating a better product market fit. …

A Decentralized Collective Designed to Scale Tech Startups

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Register your interest to join the PragueDAO today!

The PragueDAO is the first example of a DAO powered by DAOstack used to govern a physical space, and aspires to be the incubator of choice for decentralized tech startups in Prague. The experiment was co-funded by the Genesis DAO through a proposal on Alchemy, DAOstack’s first application designed for collaborative resource management.

The project is being spearheaded by Disrupt Digital, a digitally native, innovation obsessed Prague marketing agency. I had the opportunity to interview their co-founder, Clare Kennedy, for details on the PragueDAO and its upcoming launch.

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Clare Kennedy is the co-founder of Disrupt Digital & the PragueDAO

Can you give us a little background on Disrupt Digital, the “Disruptive Collective,” and your personal history, specifically what draws you towards innovative technologies?

Seeding an Ecosystem

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Feeling DAO FOMO? Join the DAO ecosystem.

“The first principle of designing the DAO stack was not to build a specific protocol or a specific application, but rather to build the soil, the ground from which a whole ecosystem can grow and thrive.” — Matan Field, Founder

From the start, the DAO stack has been designed to facilitate the emergence of a scalable DAO ecosystem. Our efforts began nine months ago with the Genesis Alpha experiment, the first DAO powered by DAOstack. …


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