Additive Manufacturing Is Cheaper Than You Think

(Image: Dane Boysen, Adapted from Koren, Y., et al. CIRP Annals-Manufacturing Technology 62.2 (2013):719–729.)
This first-order cost model simply computes: (setup cost + materials cost + time cost)/units. The initial values are completely arbitrary — put your own in! Hover over the intersection to get the exact number of units. The functions will refresh as soon as you click away from an input. (Full disclosure: I’m having trouble formatting these plugins for mobile, I’m hoping a friendly wizard might fork for the win.)
This model now includes a function for the time to manufacture (Y axis in weeks), by adding the lead & manufacturing times. The cost function now additionally accounts for our burn rate over this time. Again, play around with the inputs, or change the model yourself by forking this on CodePen. (Even better, teach me how to improve this.)
The in-progress body of the first 3D-printed car. (Image: Business Wire)



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