So Many Feels!

My reminder rock.
  1. Use feeling words first. It saves time and energy. This emotional ‘band’ of communication is capable of transmitting a lot of information quickly.
  2. Make the extra effort to express emotion in written communications. Emojis work. When so much of our collaboration is text-based, it can be hard to connect at that deeper level.
  3. Be vulnerable. Especially amongst managers, it can be difficult to show any sign of weakness or emotion. If the boss models behavior that strongly filters emotions out, it signals that it is not safe for the team to express their emotions. Feelings don’t just go away because you didn’t express them, which leads to…
  4. Pause to check in with my body throughout the day, especially at work. There is a reason for the expression “getting something off of your chest”.




polySpectra Founder

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Raymond Weitekamp

Raymond Weitekamp

polySpectra Founder

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