Changes to Twitch Prime

As proud Twitch Prime member, I will have to re-evaluate some of my Twitch Prime benefits. As a result, the change to universal ad-free viewing will undoubtedly devalue my Twitch Prime membership since it will require an additional purchase of an additional Twitch Turbo subscription.

This change will weaken and shrink advertising opportunities for the creators in which I wish to support as I will have to undoubtedly redeploy adblocking software for the Twitch website as I am forced to recover the value of my Twitch Prime membership.

It’s an unfortunate circumstance given that I enjoy supporting quite a few streamers on Twitch in different ways. Maybe instead of artificially inflating the worth of Twitch Prime by offering many subjectively valued in-game perks, Twitch could provide that value to their streamers. While I do admit to claiming much of what was offered, I’d gladly give it all back if it offsets this discrepancy in value, but I doubt it’s all really worth “more than $1000”.

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