How to Find Work You Love, Scott Dinsmore — TED TALKS

What we mostly do when we work somewhere or soon after our studies finish… We build resume… What ever we do, whatever job it is, even if don’t like it we do it just for the sake that build your resume and move on.

Mostly this results in killing our passion for something and remains just to earn money and great living killing the innovator or an initiator with ourselves.

Life is not about building resumes its about living your passions, doing what you really want to do. How to do it is the right question to ask. here in this video Scott explains that the number 1 thing you need to learn is nothing but the “inner you”. becoming the self expert is the key as the most of the time we even don’t know why the hell we are in the place and for what reason we are alive in this planet.

The Second Phase after actually assessing an being the self expert is knowing your unique strengths, this leads you to what you can really do, you values and your experience in the end tell you if you are in the right direction or not, the above mentioned point are your definition to success…

People always think that this thing is impossible and that thing is impossible ignoring the other side of the picture. always remember every thing was impossible untill it happened walking on the moon was impossible Niel Armstrong did it, electricity, flying in the air all was impossible but some innovative idiots did that right?

these things develop in you when you surround yourself with passionate people who do not fear from failures.

when you do what you love your passion generates automatically and you don’t fear failures.