Never Give Up On Your Dream — TED Talks Imran Khan

As a Student Of Entrepreneurship I watched this Video with a very deep and critical Perspective. We always Observe when ever you come up with an innovative idea and you share this with others you are criticized and shown the negative outcomes, in result most innovations are killed.

Imran Khan a very influential personality here He talks how he conquered his failures and his critics, starting off as a cricketer his focus was clear and he never allowed anyone to intervene in his ambition, and that lead him becoming a successful cricketer giving Pakistan its First and only Worldcup.

Moving forward He made a world class Cancer hospital there also people criticized him and considered that this dream will fail he created a team of right people at the right job and made his dream come true.

since 1995 He is a Political leader founding a party with technocrats with no background of politics despite of failures He is optimistic that he will succeed. we all observed how successful he is in developing awareness with the general public regarding the importance of casting a vote.

In short this video is about conquering your failures by concentrating on your passion. If you think your business startup is good and you believe in it go for it and the results will be positive.