Over Coming Procrastination By Vick Nithy — Ted Talks

This guy in the above picture is a young genius with 2 entrepreneurial ventures in his pocket.

Mr. Vick Nithy here talks about how we postpone important work, how we procrastinate, I am a student and he whatever he talks about is a fact we tend to find many reasons to just distract ourselves from the work we are doing to some useless activity like facebook and we tend to justify that amazingly.

There is a psychological aspect our frontal head asks us to work what is important but limbic system of our brain talks opposite.

How to over come this??? one should Think and Thinking Process, Confused?

The only solution to overcome procrastination in Planning; Planning Goals,planning your time, resources, process,planning for all the distraction that could hinder your perfomance and above all of it you plan for your failures.

When ever you give serious considerations to your failures you will never leave your way in the middle, your concentrations will increase and you will do the right thing at the right time.

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