Modifying PATH without Admin rights

In my new company, Admin rights is not given by default. Therefore, it will be hard to install new apps and run them in the console such as mvn and svn. This prevented me to use Intellij that for some reason have problems with the build-in svn module and I’m a bit shy to ask IT since it’s just my second week here.

Good thing I found this, though it is not the selected answer, I think this is the best one.

Open “User Accounts” and choose “Change my environment variables” (
This dialog will show you your current user variables as well as the system variables. You may need to add a local PATH variable if you haven’t already.
To update your Path to include the Python 3.3 directory, for instance, click New:
Variable Name: PATH Variable Value: %PATH%;C:\Python33
This creates a local PATH by taking the current system PATH and adding to it.
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