I started speaking with old “Borj El Barajina” citizens about the history of “Al Annan street” where my grand grand parents lived. I had some pictures that describe very briefly how it looked like, about 50 years ago. Very few talked in details, all they said is that they used to have green spaces all around the houses. The images will be uploaded in a short time because of some changes that are must.

When walking around the street, today, and yesterday, I had to watch the cars because no man was walking, and there was no one in there. The cars, and while the street is around 6 meters width, two cars are being parked on both sides of the street, and there is only place for one car to move in between. And people don’t even care if the car is moving or not.

Briefly saying, the green space in the past was about 90% of the town, while now there is only about 1.% distributed between two buildings. And while people where gathered to take a picture in the area, today, people don’t bother to help each others.

Lilian Abou Zeki

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