Till today, I couldn’t walk into the streets alone, because I’d always get home at night. And night in my street is not for women, or even children. It’s only for men. I have some pictures I will post now. And I have a map that I will show in the class, it shows the difference between the past streets and today’s. Although there are trees, these two or three trees are the only ones in the streets. After I talked with one of those who live here and know more about it, they told me how each piece of the lands are divided, to whom, and what they did to it.

Going aand coming to uni, is either so in the morning or at night. So, what I see is the following:

  • the man who is always sitting next to his sewing small factory.
  • The mini market is not open yet, after asking at what time do they open it, they told me around 10–11.
  • There are always sounds of a hammer and so, although I have no idea where it comes from.
  • A mother and a little child. The mother on the phone, and the boy is playing around, once I was so close to hit him with the car, and she just yelled at him, without even trying to hold his hand, he’s like 3 or 2 years old.
  • People at the corner of the street, they are smoking the narjile.
  • No voice from my building.

At night:

  • The boys playing football, are everywhere.
  • Men gathering, smoking, and laughing…
  • The mini market is opened, men are gathering there too.
  • The man that sits in the morning, is sometimes at the same chaire, and sometimes he’s not even there.
  • No children, and no women.
  • Lights are not always on.
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