To Kill

I have met people who kept me in utter darkness,
Hustling their needs and desires

While I have grazed
happy to live

It is not all cruel, simply a way of things
Probably happening since the down of times,

You stop to graze, you die

not necessary from a hand of the worst or a better kind,
could be a perfectly twinned fellow with a slightly longer hair,
not even aware of what is going on

Forget it

To be, or to become means to comply with the rules of Nature.

Never liked that gamey smell of the game

To hunt beautifully, in my own skin, somehow this smells different,
somehow it’s okay to kill this way

Seeing a beautiful pray in the corner of an eye, 
Knowing she is hunted and will be killed by you forever, 
She will kill you the same, as beautifully as she can.

The truth of our nature is modest but true.

To kill! — That’s all folks!

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