Proptech Weekly #27 — Property Partner and changing the world

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Friends, Feudal Landlords and Commoners,

As an indirect follow up to last week’s Proptech Weekly, CB Insights released data onProptech fundraising in the first 3 months of 2016.

If you’re a start-up founder in the UK whose name isn’t Dan Gandesha, you don’t figure on the list.

He can’t be the only Proptech founder with true ambition and the graft to back it up.

But numbers don’t often lie, and he’s the one growing his business and raising money in a way that’s making everyone’s head turn.

And as discussed last week, getting people talking is so damned important.

If you missed it, do catch up with Eddie Holmes’s interview with Dan on this podcast.

And of course, as a reader of Proptech Weekly, you’ll know Dan Gandesha is the founder of Property Partner, the site that let’s us invest in property from as little as 50 quid.

But I’m no evangelist. I have a big problem with Property Partner.

While I love their execution (I’m an avid user), and the product sings to ‘sophisticated’ investors, they aren’t changing the world.

No, opening up stock picking to the public doesn’t open up investing.

The parallel I use as an example is the stock market. When investing went from needing to call a stockbroker to pressing a button on a computer, the world and their Mums didn’t start investing.

They started investing when ‘funds’ made investing simple for the masses. And that’s key: the vast majority of money in the market is via funds. Not individual stock selection. It’s the reason Cash ISAs outnumber stocks and shares ISAs.

If you want the proof to my hypothesis, just look at all the adverts across London Property Partner are spending money on. Then look at the tiny sub-7,000 investors they have on their platform. That should tell you everything about the size of their market. And that you can’t spend your way into the right business model.

I’m a fan of Property Partner and Dan, but I go could on about the flaws; don’t get me started on the problems they’ll have sourcing stock. Like I said, not changing the world.

That’s why I really like :)

To end on a positive note, there is a lovely story about Property Partner’s first investment in Croydon. The existing tenant had an assured tenancy and her family had lived there a long time. As tenants. Property Partner buying the place gave her, for the first time, the ability to go on their platform and own part of her home. It’s not only a great story, but a massive indicator of where the future could/should be.

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