The 5-step Rebranding Guide for Marketers

Raya Drenski
Jan 29, 2019 · 4 min read
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Every organisation nowadays, large or small, a start-up or a well-established business, local or global, is recognised and differentiated on the market with its brand, its trademark, its logo device, etc.

Therefore, at a certain point of your company lifespan, you would have to consider a rebranding. Such a project should be initiated to reach different objectives — to win new clients, to enter a new market or a specific niche, to stay up-to-date, to stay ahead of the competition and so on. As a marketer, your role would be to also sell the idea internally all the way up to the management.

Take this step-to-step guide to prepare for the potential bottlenecks on the way.

1. Prepare yourself!

Truly immerse into the intensity of all aspects such project would have and ask yourself if you can manage.

What comes along with a Rebranding project?

Introducing, managing and fulfilling a rebranding project for any company is a significant win for any marketer.

It is a challenge; it looks great on your CV, it‘s building tremendous knowledge… On top, it is creating value in the long run for your company; it‘s a vital part of its heritage, development, and growth.

Alongside with risk, fear of failure, money spent and a long process of creating, making tough decisions, leading the project and getting approvals from your managers.

How to sell the idea to your manager?

As it happens for everything else in life — preparation is the key!

Get yourself ready for all the questions or hesitations your manager will potentially have and equip yourself with the proper answers upfront.

2. Justify the project!

Why must a rebranding happen? Get your manager on the same page with you and answer all possible hesitations.

How much does a rebranding cost?

Branding is an intangible service and very difficult to calculate just like that. Probably the very first question would be related to price.

You may tweak the question in the right direction:

  • Could your company afford to stand still and not change or adapt to this fast world and among the heavy competition?
  • How do you stay up-to-date?
  • What is your evidence of staying ahead of the competition?
  • When is the last time you took a critical look towards your brand appearance to the world?

Rebranding is not spending but an investment in your company‘s development.

To be more specific on this question, you should reassure your manager that you will meet and assess several agencies and consider their hourly rates, credentials, fit for your company concerning their understanding of your category codes and aspirations, and shake hands only with the most appropriate fit.

You could also prepare a rough list of deliverables to give your boss a feeling of the scope of such a project.

Rebranding is not just changing the logo.

It has implications for every piece of material your company has, from logo and website to pens and various stationery.

Which leads to the next question of how you would tackle the process.

3. Be in charge!

Show your potential to manage the project. Explain the process you will follow. Be convincing that you are well-equipped with the right knowledge and preparation and backed by a good team.

What methodology would you follow?

Choosing the right partner for such an important assignment is essential. That also means accepting the right team to tackle the project internally.

You have to be bold, decisive, convincing, keeping people involved as much as their contribution is needed or onboard them to get their approval. Therefore, the process has this vital kick-off — getting the right people into the rebranding managing committee.

Only then comes choosing the agency. And they will help further with setting the deliverables list and the timeline of the project.

4. Get ready to multitask!

Plan carefully such a project, as it will not be your sole duty. It is a long process and must not affect negatively your other marketing responsibilities.

How long does it take?

Your manager will most probably ask how long such a project will take. That is why you need to have some understanding of the deliverables included in a rebranding.

Also, you should leave some time space for such an important topic. If there is a critical trade show that you want to attend next month and you think you could rebrand in the meantime — well, it will not work.

Consider at least two months as the absolute minimum for the project.

5. Start now!

To help you immerse yourself into the topic, keep these in mind too:

Your brand is the first thing potential, and current customers see.

  • How would you like to be seen?
  • What would you like to achieve or solve with a rebranding?
  • Are you engaging enough and speaking clearly to your target audience?
  • Are your message, essence, and beliefs well transmitted to your audience through the current branding?
  • Would a rebranding help attract new clients?…

The most important thing to figure out is:

What problem would a Rebranding solve for your company?

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