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So you have recently programmed a discord bot or have a script which you want to be able to decide when to run? Well you have to come to the right place. Today, I am going to explain how to quickly and efficiently deploy your python script to Heroku along with the advantages of doing such through the Mac Command Line.

Why to Deploy Your App to Heroku?

One of the main reasons why to deploy your python script to online cloud platforms like Heroku is because it is a much more efficient and practical way to run your script rather than executing the script from your local machine. If you continue to run that script for long periods of time (talking days here) from your local machine inside an IDE or through the command line, not only does that usually go against the rules of your internet service provider, but it does not make much sense. Meaning, say you were to close your computer or the terminal tab, that means that your script is terminated as well. …


Rayaan Siddiqi

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