Prompt: [WP] What seemed like a blessing turned out to be a curse. Somehow you’ve acquired the ability to create ‘save states’ in real life and can create and manage an infinite amount. Dying of anything but natural causes will bring up a menu to restart at another save state.

Slap she slapped Max as hard as she could, her nostrils flaring in anger.

Dammit. Okay, don’t make jokes about her mom being fat, noted. Max thought to himself. He took out his gun, and shot himself in the face, the look of shock and horror on Jessica’s face was the last thing he saw.

“Nice to meet you!” Jessica smiled, and Max marveld at how cute she was, again. He had to admit that his feelings subsided a little, playing through the same scence for 18th time, but he was still excited at how adorable she was.

They shook hands.

“I think we are going to have a lovely evening” he said. This time I’ll make sure I won’t screw it up, goddammit. he thought to himself.

Taxi. Restaurant. Candles. Walking. Park. Stars.

“….hey! HEY! Are you starig at that chick’s boobs!?”

“No.. No, of course not, I swear!”

“Don’t lie to me, it’s a 3rd time during this evening!”



“Nice to meet you!”

“I think we are going to have a lovely evening.” kinda boring after the 198th time. Max never had the patience to even attempt to go through the Super Mario levels for that many times!

Taxi. Restaurant. Candles. Walking. Park. Stars. Walk home. His apartment.

“Hey! Is that a naked picture of my sister on your desktop?”

“We have nothing between us, I swear, she’s just incredibly hot!”



“Nice to meet you!”