Extremists Brainwashing Children

This post is not a generalization of course but its to show how some extreme mosque preachers are trying to brainwash children into extremism. Yesterday human rights club members and I went to a Syrian refugee school in Beqaa, North of Lebanon. We went to spread awareness about a couple of themes such as human rights, drugs and alcohol, sanitation and so on. However, despite the kids being extremely educated and smart, we were shocked to meet some children ages 10–12 that are being brainwashed by a sheikh, a so called “muslim” preacher at a mosque nearby. This sheikh has been preaching to the children that they should “behead” all non- muslim heads or muslims that drink or commit any “sin”. The kids to my surprise were agreeing with the sheikh and believed that it is right to behead. We then tried to talk to these children that what theyve been taught is completely wrong and that no one has the right to killl anyone else. The sheikh was also trying to indoctrinate a sectarian ideology in their heads against muslim “shias” as well as christians, druze and the western world. After hours of awaring the children of the wrongfulness of his preachings, the kids to some extent started to agree with what we said. One of the kids came up to us and told us “i am really happy that i told you all this and that now i know whats wrong and whats right so thank you” . This shows how even an hour of volunteering to spread awareness can make a difference in someones life or change their way of thinking to the better. For those who tell me that volunteering for a short term doesnt make a difference; i want to tell you that it does and this post proves so. This post proves how some preachers are taking advantage of the refugee situation to brainwash kids from a young age to behead and to hate those that are not from the same religion, race and colour as they are. This sheikh must be stopped and arrested before he influences these children to commit horrendous acts against humanity and people in the future. Our country is in danger from some so called preachers that have been preaching the peaceful name of Islam wrongfully and this is how ISIS has managed to attract millions of youth from all over the globe.

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