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When abuse allegations go public, communities spin, split, divide, and sometimes collapse. By being a good ally to victims, and navigating the waters of public allegations with care, you can help prevent unnecessary suffering for yourself and abuse victims.

1. Listen to victims and let them know that you are listening and caring.

2. Do not under any circumstances spiritualize the situation. Whatever your metaphysical views are and whether you share them with victims or not, try to hold off dumping them onto victims, or using them to create factions. Getting metaphysical at this time creates a lot of confusion, bypassing, and dissociation. It can prevent healthy boundaried actions from going forward, and can paralyze victims into not taking action. …

When life brings you to your knees, let your tears water the earth.

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My life felt full before it happened. I had three jobs that I loved — teaching Pilates, working for a meditation organization, and a shamanic healing practice in my sweet home office that looked out at the rocky mountains. I lived in Boulder, the land of physical and spiritual triathletes.

I knew something was coming. There were hints from my guides that a change was necessary for me to further align with my life. I could feel my ancestors like an ancient orchestra of love calling and pressing their sound and bones to me as I worked and moved through the world. …


RayAnn Gordon

Intuitive, Seer, and Ritual Healing Practitioner writing about spirituality, sovereignty, and everyday witch life. Work with me at

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