Apple Trees and the Utmost Care While Planting Them

There is no experience quite like biting into a crisp, juicy, flavorful apple grown right in your own backyard! When I was a 5 years old, my parents set out 30 young apple trees in a plot behind our chicken coops. I watched those trees grow up, picked apples, pressed cider, and eventually helped to prune the trees. These memories influenced me greatly over the years, even now I can envision the apples trees I want to have growing on the hill above our house. When I was in college, studying to be a horticulturalist, I spent a summer internship working at an apple orchard in Minnesota. I got to prune and thin the trees, help plan the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) system, put out sticky ball traps and pheremone traps, and see the latest cultivars from the University of Minnesota arrive. That summer was the introduction of the very popular ‘Honeycrisp’ apple.

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