When Analyzing the Audience for Your Descriptive Essay You Should Consider…

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Analyzing the audience to write a descriptive essay requires consideration of the specific mechanisms of writing that entail description. The description is the vivid presentation of an account, a place an even or even person using figurative language that shows rather than tells about the details to a specific or general audience. The audience for a descriptive work of writing expects to be able to form an impression of the object of description and be able to share in the experience. Analyzing the audience requires that the writer focus on the needs of the reader and identify their artistic and lexical capacity to express the knowledge to attain the goal of description.

The other thing to consider is the stance of the audience towards the subject of the object that is the focus of your descriptive essay. The attitude of the audience will guide the way you organize the information the language and tone to be assumed. The language must be audience-centered, and writer has to consider that the audience may have more or less knowledge and therefore have different concepts to receive the information. Language is a critical aspect to consider especially the terminology and degree of explanations.

It is important to consider the relationship with the audience to anticipate the way they will evaluate your ideas for instance in regards to:

· Precision of language

· Figurative and emotional appeal

· Sensual invocation

· Thought transmission

Analysis of the audience for a work of description has to put in consideration the type, the language needs, current knowledge and expectations of the audience to focus and better deliver their writing.