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So you’ve taken quite some time to build your Progressive Web App (PWA) and it is now time to deploy it. Where to start?! I am going to share the simplest method I have come across to get this done. The key platforms that we shall use for this specific process are Firebase and CircleCI. Okay, let’s get started.

Setup Firebase

First, you need to sign up for Firebase. Once that is done, create a project on under the Hosting tab. I created one called ray-besiga. A modal will then popup with instructions to install the Firebase Tools on your command line.

$ npm install -g…

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Kampala Taxi Park

Community participation is the strongest fighting chance for success in urban sustainability. I know this sounds pessimistic but bear with me. Over 50% of the world’s population lives in urban areas. Projections suggest that the number will rise to 70% by 2050. This puts a major part of our population onto only 2% of the planet. This is according to the Northeastern University report, The Very Big Issue of Urban Sustainability. What is being done to ensure cities are ready for what is coming?

For any city to grow and thrive with minimal impact on the ecosystem, it has to meet the needs of its current occupants without sacrificing the ability of future generations to meet theirs. …

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Courtesy of Slack.com

About 45 days ago, my colleague Moses and I put out our first consumer facing mobile app in public beta. The app, Urb, is a meant to stimulate conversation about social issues and pain points, as well as enable public service providers respond to this issues in a timely manner.

Building an app is a lot of hard work, but getting people to use it in a way that creates sustained value for them is doubly hard. As such, I went about talking to friends and players who have been in the trences of user acquisition.

The most immediate observation from this particular excursion was how eager just about any one i asked was willing to help. Hard questions were countered with pointed advice and recommendations for actionable steps going forward. …


Ray Besiga

Building fintech infrastructure for emerging markets @OparetaHQ. Previously Entrepreneur in Residence at Hover.

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