Growing up in a community that was very much conservative, so i thought was a challenge for me. Being a introverted kid in the neighborhood was not easy. I became the victim to bulling (not by choice) through out my childhood and adolescent years, actually into adult hood. I had to struggle to be liked by other kids, accepted by other kids and by adults (teachers). Changing my personality, my attitude, my choice of style , so i thought was the answer to my problems, this went on for many many years. conforming to the belief of others, never saying NO, going against my parents and family values just to be accepted. As years went on, marriage, children, careers and still trying to fit in to a click or someone else's mold was not working out for me, but i was determined to be accepted for every thing i was working so hard to be accepted for. in my 30’s, 40’s and early 50’s, i was still trying to fit in without success.

At the wonderful age of 53 yrs, i discovered YOGA and MEDITATION. MY attitude changed, my body started to feel different, my thinking became clear and logical and i started to love myself for everything I AM. My appearance changed for me to a style that i liked for me, negativity started to vanish and positive thinking started to appear…I know realize that i don’t need to impress anyone, i can be exactly who i am, i can love myself and i ACCEPT everything about who I AM.

So the underlying message here is… Don’t judge others, ACCEPT all for who they are and be real. We don’t owe anyone anything, just be yourself, love yourself, encourage yourself and move forward.

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