Michael Gross Applauds Hollywood For Making A Movie For People About People

“’Last Call at Murray’s’ is a film for people, about people it’s not the typical Sci-fi movie that Hollywood seems to churn out these days,” says Michael Gross.

Last Call at Murray’s

Gross Plays Murray, a hard-nosed veteran bar owner with a heart of gold beneath a rough exterior. Murray wants to change, but on his terms, it’s time to call it a day on the bar and customers he has grown to love.

“Murray is a fun, gritty character he has had a rough life and is trying to make a go of the bar but it’s not working. I have played similar characters, and I am always interested in playing people who are going through a tough time,” says Gross

Growing up in Chicago Gross says he grew up with people who remind him of Murray.

“He reminds me of the people I grew up with he’s hard working and life is not always kind to him. I didn’t grow up in the best of neighborhoods, but I was lucky to get out of that type of life and got a good education, but it’s not easy. Murray is doing the best he can with what he has, and that is all you can sometimes do.”

Gross well known for his role in ‘Family Ties’ says his attraction to the movie was a mixture of the personality of the role and a chance to work with a great cast.

“I liked Murray’s grittiness which is fun to play. In a big budget movie, Tommy Lee Jones would have probably played this role, so it was attractive to me. I have also worked with Director Linda Palmer in the past. I spent ten days working on this movie near my home in California, and it was nice to work with such a talented group of actors. I enjoyed immersing myself into this dive bar, and that is something I don’t often do. As for my singing talent, I am ok at karaoke; I think the last time I sang on karaoke was New Year’s Eve after a few drinks, I should thank those kind human beings who were around me.” Adds Gross.

“While my next project is in the Sci-Fi genre, ‘Last Call at Murray’s’ is 100 % about people, these days the majority of films made, are about robots or the apocalypse. This movie is relatable to an actor and an audience. Blockbuster movies aim for a mass markets with computer graphics and high-tech imagery- this is a story for people about people. It felt like a stage play working with such a large cast, so that was thrilled to be part of it.”

“Trying to place this movie into one genre is a tough question, romantic comedy, drama it has elements of lots of genres. People often demand in an art that a film or book has to fit into a particular category. While this can be limiting it’s also necessary.”
“As for the message in this movie. Life goes on, and people find their feet in a rocky world, and that is the big message the audience will take away, despite all the craziness it is a feel good movie. Finding love through challenging times isn’t easy, but for many of us it is a reality and ‘Last Call at Murray’s’ highlights how people find each other and sustain relationships in this fast moving world.”

“Of all the characters in “Last Call at Murray’s” I think the person I related to the most was Roxanne. Eileen Grubba did a great job of playing this character. I know a lot of women like Roxanne it’s tough to be a single mother. I don’t come from wealthy people; I have relatives all over the country who are all facing challenges. I understand the in the mid section of this country who voted for our current president I understand who they are — I don’t just dismiss them. I know that some of them have their backs pushed to the wall and are looking for hope and change.”

A must see movie as it hits on April 18th. You can learn more about “Last call at Murray’s” on Facebook.

So what’s next?

Gross recently returned from seven weeks of filming in South Africa for another sequel of “Tremors.”

“ A Franchise I have made for over 25 years called ‘Tremors,’ low and behold we have now made another sequel to this film. I am playing again a gritty, but a more comedic paranoid survivor. It’s somewhat of a Western and Sci-fi it’s an offbeat monster flick. But we have a very loyal following, and that is why we made the 5th sequel.