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Sep 13, 2019 · 11 min read

My Candid One Funnel Away Challenge Review & Best Bonus Pack 2020:

Main Truth about the 30 days one funnel away challenge and How It Shot My Life & Business Up

It doesn’t matter what niche you are; clickfunnels can help you scale up your real estate business, digital agency business, plumber business, coaching business, dropshipping business, fitness, dental, or affiliate marketing business, whatever biz, you name it…

Highlights of my one funnel away challenge bonuses include but not limited to:

  • Getting one on one mentoring FREE with me
  • Helping you build your first special sales funnel whether it is your business funnel or affiliate funnel — FREE
  • Getting my 80 Clickfunnels premium done for you ready sales funnels for all niches FREE
  • And so much more valuable bonuses

Note: You cant separate One funnel away challenge from clickfunnels. The training basically empowers you to know all about lead generation, marketing, and how to make money online smartly, using clickfunnels.

ClickFunnels can be real fun to work with but if you are new to it, you need the knowledge to get things going easy.

If you are completely unfamiliar with funnel softwares’, clickfunnels or any other system can be a bit confusing on first trial even though it’s a drag and drop system. You need the right knowledge to be able to understand exactly how to use it to boost your business.

It’s likely you are interested in selling your own product or service? Or maybe you desire creating highly converting funnels for other clients? Or could be that you just want to focus only on promoting ClickFunnels as an affiliate?

Learn how to create high converting lead funnels that will make you guaranteed sales with this life-changing 30 day challenge training.

One Funnel Away Challenge Training cost: currently underpriced at $100…

Practically, there are several ways you can utilize ClickFunnels.

A lot of folks who are interested in the funnel software can be seen in social media platforms inquiring what the best training for ClickFunnels is.

The best answer to that inquiry is:

One Funnel Away Challenge (OFA)

Personally, I enrolled for the 30 days challenge once, and it’s really changed my business and perceptions.

Within this one funnel away challenge review, I will walk you through some of what happened, and show you some of the things you will get as part of the challenge & how it will help you succeed.

One Funnel Away Challenge,is the best course on funnel creation, lead generation, copywriting, traffic secrets and much more.

Below’s a mobile screenshot of one of many google page reviews of people who joined the Ofa challenge — coupled with my exclusive bonuses:

Check out more reviews from participants who took the One Funnel Away Challenge Training thru me on Google here

Below is what we will be covering in this One Funnel Away Challenge review, let’s go straight to points.

What is One Funnel Away Challenge?

What Do You Get With the One Funnel Away Challenge?

All you need to know about the One Funnel Away Challenge

In case you’re already ready to sign up for the training, and don’t wish or have time to read to the end, you can grab my outstanding One Funnel Away Challenge $8997 Bonus Package here

What is One Funnel Away Challenge?

The One Funnel Away Challenge is basically a 30 day training online with three of the world's best coaches -Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian, and Stephen Larsen. These experts will guide you step by step on launching your first or next funnel, reveal sales secrets, traffic secrets and so much, your jaw will drop. They make the process fun and easy...

Russell Brunson is the co-founder of ClickFunnels. Within his training videos, you will find him revealing to you the strategy and the “why” behind every days mission.

Julie Stoian is a big time 7 figure entrepreneur and a coach whose training videos will reveal the “how” part of the course. Julie takes you step-by-step in each of her videos - guiding you on how to actually put into action the things Russell talked about in previous session.

Stephen Larsen is the 3rd coach who conducts the live group calls and is officially your accountability coach. It's likely that you are familiar with Stephen from his popular podcast, if yes, then you should be aware of his enthusiasm, and ways he makes things easy and fun.

The one funnel away challenge is 30 days worth of power packed lessons that will supercharge you to succeed in any business, and if you don’t have a business yet, before the end of training, you will be able to launch one or more. It’s simply brainstorming…

Pre-training session falls within the first week, a week made to set you up in the proper mindset, so you are completely immersed for the one funnel away challenge.

In the course of the next 4 weeks, participants will receive daily lessons with links sent via email. Each day training builds upon one another, thus it’s very essential that you go through them in order of sequence. There’s also homework to do to ensure you are applying what is being taught, simply like spoonfeeding to make sure you succeed.

This is obviously one of the few courses online that show you what successful people do to make it big online.

You can sign up now here and enjoy the best bonuses ever to help you succeed faster.

The One Funnel Away Challenge is hosted within the FunnelHacker Community, a members only platform. Within this platform, you can interact directly with other OFA participants. The benefit of this is that it creates credible source of accountability for you to complete the daily missions.

My signing up for the One Funnel Away Challenge

I spent my cool $100 to get into this training and will forever be grateful I did. I physically received a package filled with content worth more than $10,000 in value, in my own opinion. I got the 30 Day Challenge hardcover book as one of the items in the pack. This super book contains set of plans from thirty "2 Comma Club” winners. These are 7 figure entrepreneurs who were presented with the scenario of having to lose everything. These experts present to you, step by step, mind blowing easy to implement strategies that they would use to rebuild their business from scratch. This book alone will open your eyes to "AHA, yes this is it" moments.

This book is one of the first books you will sight on my table when you walk into my office.

As part of the One Funnel Away Challenge, I would receive daily emails in my inbox talking to me about these “Missions”. Below are a few of the lessons that I directly put to action to boost my own business:

After the pre-training session, I got into:

Week 1 Mission One: Offer Hacking and lead generation. This session actually immersed me deeply into the training. This part showed participants how to carry out smart quick research on what other successful people are doing on Facebook. We achieve this by legally spying at their ads. Implementing this strategy has shot my businesses up greatly.

Week 1 Mission Four: The Lost Art of the Visual. This session dealt with the importance of creating captivating visuals to make your offer(s) stand out.

As a non graphic expert, I hired an expert at Fiverr and one other from Funnel Rolodex to help create some new design assets for me.

This activity alone made my brand to stand out and is one of the main reasons I feel my ClickFunnels affiliate commissions and Fitness training sales shot up directly.

Week 2 Mission Two: The Epiphany Bridge.

This part teaches how to incorporate creative stories into every business you do.

People connect better with you based on your story, and I have since applied this knowledge adding a lot more persuasive stories into my writing and scripts.

The One Funnel Away Challenge has been such a blessing to my business that I recommend it always to friends, family members, and those who are passionate and hungry for success.

I have learned the best and most simple ways to create any sales funnel in less than an hour. This knowledge alone, I have built hundreds of winning funnels for my business and clients, really high converting ones…

And having used other funnel builders in the past, clickfunnels funnel templates are the best around for now!

Russell Brunson also teaches you the importance of creating a bonus stack for every offer, including doing the same for the One Funnel Away Challenge if you want to focus on its affiliate program.

Here's the cool OFA Challenge Kit I received:

Aside from the training, you will be sent a physical package, directly to your house in the form of your OFA Challenge Kit. I was so excited when I got it. The package alone pays for the training fee.

OFA Unboxing

One Funnel Away Challenge Unboxing:

Here is what you’ll find within this sexy business kit:

Click here to watch the OFA unboxing video

“30 Days” Challenge Hardcover book:

This power packed book is about 550 pages and has loads of powerful detailed plans revealed by 30 ‘Two Comma Club’ members. The content reveals how each of these 7 figure experts would start their business all over in the event that they lost everything. This book is one of the best books I have ever read, and I have learned so much from studying and applying it.

One Funnel Away Workbook

This is a spiral bound hard copy of the One Funnel Away Challenge workbook. This will be used to complement the 30 days of trainings. Within this workbook, you’ll find a checklist of daily tasks to complete for each days challenge. Here's presented to you, the opportunity to brain storm your ideas, & you will find links to videos for each of the missions.

A power packed physical MP3 player:

You will discover within this MP3 player, amazing exclusive audio recording of both Russell’s every day trainings and recordings of Stephen. With this MP3 player, you can stay in touch with the training whether you are at the gym or driving.

What is the cost of One Funnel Away Challenge training?

It cost me $100 to get into the One Funnel Away Challenge, and till date is still same cost. Should you want the physical OFA Challenge Kit, it requires paying extra $19.95 if you live in the US or $29.95 if outside the United States.

I paid 29.95 extra since I live in Ireland.

If you want just the Digital Only version of the One Funnel Away Challenge, this cost only $100.

Is this backed with guarantee?

100% Yes!

You will get back 100% refund, if you choose to send back your challenge kit within 30 days of it arriving your location.

Does one funnel away challenge have an affiliate program?

Yes, it does and is a great one for that matter.

If you choose to promote it, it’s a super easy way to cover your own cost of the training, since it pays you 100% commission for every sale. This means you only need to sell one course to someone else to make back your investment.

One Funnel Away Challenge is presently much the best ClickFunnels training anyone can get for now, so it’s a very easy sell for affiliates.

If you want to succeed at it, I would recommend going through the training first, so you completely grasps how it works.

I have personally sold lots of OFA training because of my added value to the course in the place of incredible bonuses.

If you choose to sign up through my OFA bonus page here, all the bonuses are yours (which you are free to offer to your prospects), and you also get my OFA Funnel to use, plus free one on one consultation to succeed fast.

One funnel away challenge is great for people wanting to sell their own products & services, and people seeking to succeed in affiliate marketing as the lessons apply to scaling any business online and selling affiliate products clearly.

My Final Words:

I have paid over $15k for online courses, however the One Funnel Away Challenge has been the best training ever. This training gave me lots of ‘aha’ moments that I have then able to apply immediately to my own personal and affiliate businesses.

In all, the challenge was so exciting for me, and for every other participants I met at the members area.

It’s totally worth your time and investment!

Ready to get things done, Go ahead and reserve your spot now.

Register for the One Funnel Away Challenge Today and get all my bonuses.

Check out my bonus package to see the amazing extra goodies you will get when you sign up using my affiliate link here.

My bonuses are a no-fluff offer that is particularly designed to help you excel with the One Funnel Away Challenge & ClickFunnels.

Here’s the One Funnel Away Challenge with more info on my bonuses and how to get them instantly.

Want to try out Clickfunnels using its 14 days free trial period, I am also giving away free ‘a bonus with 80 Premium high converting ready ‘done for you' sales funnels for almost every business niche. Get this started here

Affiliate Disclaimer:

I hope this my review of One Funnel Away Challenge has been helpful.

Note that links sited in this article are my affiliate links to the direct OFA challenge.

Meaning, if you click on one of the links and sign up, I may receive commission from Clickfunnels as compensation.

If you do happen to click and sign up through my link, big thanks to you!

My One Funnel Away Challenge rating: 4.9 out of 5

Why I recommend One Funnel Away Challenge to people?

It is obviously the Best training I’ve gone through to learn click by click how to effectively sell products or services online, generate leads and traffic, and make profits, among others.

It has tons of several great reviews and testimonials from worldwide participants, that it pretty much sells itself.

Want to promote an affiliate program with credibility and that sells faster than any other in my experience, plus the ability to Earn 100% affiliate commissions i.e $100 per sale, give it a try.

See my amazing OFA bonuses. Join the One funnel away Challenge Today here

Funnel building correctly, high converting lead generation, and making sales in your business; is Fun when you go through OFA 30 day challenge training!

Need one on one help? Connect with me…


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Certified business coach, Writer, has helped sales funnels hit 7 figures, wealth trainer... Connect at Instagram @raychristophers

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