Cryptogames Live: PuriPets Launches

Ray Long
Ray Long
May 15 · 2 min read

It has been nearly a year since the NEM Community has embraced GameFix and we are returning the favor in a big way. We started by showing our appreciation and support for the NEM community by opening the premier NEM development hub in New Zealand at Epic Westport and releasing MatchNEM, our NEM themed drop 3 game, but now we’re kicking it up a notch with a fully, XEM enabled game.

PuriPets is the latest offering from GameFix. Play as Mugen, the leader of the Explorer Corp, as he explores the dark dimension searching for Princess Sophella and liberates the magical PuriPets.

What’s a PuriPet you ask? A PuriPet is a tokenized, digital collectible that can be earned through gameplay. There is a limited number of blockchain tracked PuriPets so once they are all collected their value will rise.

Explore the dark dimension and liberate PuriPets from the Lord Toulon. As you play through the game you can travel the map, vanquish foes and collect them all.

We truly believe in the crypto-gaming space and see nothing but opportunity for innovation and communities hungry for fun, engaging experiences and we aim to deliver.

This game is the first in a whole program of crypto-gaming efforts from GameFix and the CerebralFix Group. We will continue to release games and updates for the NEM community and show our support by bringing the funnest experiences we can to the space and listening to the NEM community.

How to play PuriPets with further details.

Social Media Links

Telegram: PuriPets General Group
Telegram: PuriPets Bug Reporting Group

Twitter PuriPets General: @PuriPetsGame
Twitter Princess Sophella: @RoyalSophella
Twitter Explorer Mugen: @MugenExplores

YouTube: Epic Center

How to acquire XEM to enjoy PuriPets.

Mugen is ready to free all the PuriPets. Are you?